What we offer

Instant professional emergency support, specially designed for visitors of Turkey.

Emergency Healthcare Aid

We are with you in any health issue you may experience in Turkey – instantly.

Translation Support for Security-Related Incidents

We are with you when you need emergency translation in judicial/police incidents, in any language with English and Turkish.

24/7 Call Center support

Our team of experts are ready for advice and onsite help through the online call center available 24/7.

24/7 Emergency Ambulance Service

Never worry about access to healthcare in Turkey. We are here for you with instant emergency aid, whenever and wherever in Turkey you need.

  • Our onsite team consists of 5 mobile doctors with special expertise, and 269 personnel in total.

  • Our infrastructure consists of 65 ambulances, 1 specially-equipped ambulance and 1 helicopter.

24/7 Call Center Service

Don’t speak Turkish or English? No problem. Our call center consists entirely of native speakers in many languages to answer all your questions about healthcare and security in Turkey.

  • Our call center staff are experts in connecting you with the most suitable advisor according to your needs.

  • Our call center staff has the equipment and the authority to provide coordination with the Turkish governmental institutions, both in health and security, as well as local hospitals wherever in Turkey you are.

24/7 Online/Onsite Mobile Physician Support

You are in safe hands – whether you only need medical advice or an emergency ambulance service. Our physicians and experts are online 24/7 for medical advice, as well as onsite to reach you whenever you need emergency healthcare service/ambulance.

  • 5 onsite mobile doctors with special expertise, 269 personnel in total ready to come wherever you are

  • Automatic location identification through the app to reach you as fast as possible when necessary

24/7 Online Translation Service for Judicial Cases

We are not just here for emergency medical services. Although we focus on healthcare emergencies, we would like you to feel at home when you encounter a security issue or deal with Turkish authorities.

  • 24/7 emergency support for translation in many languages with English and Turkish

  • Translation experts help you resolve whatever issue you’re facing

24/7 Onsite Emergency Aid (for non-fatal cases)

Our physicians are able to evaluate the condition of the patient at the location where the call is made, guaranteeing that the patient receives the best service with a transfer order at the most suitable hospital when necessary (for instance in fatal cases).

  • All medical records of the patient are tracked by our experts until the patient leaves the hospital.

  • The transfer of all critical cases are made specifically by our professional team.

Specially-Equipped Medical Plane Ambulance & Helicopter

In special cases, HELP Line is able to organise and provide specially-equipped medical plane and helicopter for emergency service and intervention.

  • Organisation of expert medical staff for the plane ambulance

  • Organisation and transfer of scheduled flights for inpatients

Free 1 GB Internet & Special Additional Rates

Thinking of how to go online in Turkey? We’re here for you. HELP Line offers 1 GB Internet for visitors of Turkey free of charge, the moment they turn on their phone after landing in Turkey.

  • 1 GB free Internet within Turkish borders

  • Additional Internet packages available with special rates for HELP Line users

The safest and most comfortable way to visit Turkey.

Our service is designed to make you feel at home in Turkey. We are with you at everything that might happen to you during your visit.

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