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Frequently Asked Questions

My situation is an emergency and I need an ambulance, as soon as possible. How soon will it be here?2020-11-16T19:31:29+03:00

From the moment you touch to contact our call center, the application automatically sends your location information to our center – so we instantly know where you are. The moment you tell our call center staff that it’s an emergency, we’ll be on our way to reach you as soon as possible.

I am an inpatient at the hospital and I urgently need to go back to Russia for a full medical treatment. Will I be able to do so?2020-11-16T19:30:29+03:00

Yes, HELP Line will do its best to organise a scheduled flight for you, in collaboration with the medical advice of the professionals caring after you and the hospital you are in.

I’m in trouble and can’t explain myself to the police. Will HELP Line be able to help me?2020-11-16T19:30:06+03:00

Although HELP Line doesn’t provide judicial assistance, it provides translation assistance for such situations. Therefore, yes, our call center staff will help you in expressing yourself to the police or to authorities.

I don’t have a Turkish SIM Card, or haven’t purchased an Internet package. How will I connect to the call service?2020-11-16T19:29:44+03:00

HELP Line offers free 1 GB internet for all its users, from the moment they land in Turkey. If you exceed the data, you may purchase additional Internet packages from the app, with rates specially designed for HELP Line users.

Can I still use HELP Line services if I don’t speak English or Turkish?2021-05-03T17:59:29+03:00

Yes. Our app will be available in Russian and our call center staff consists of native speakers in many languages, as well as in English and Turkish. Therefore, you will always be able to receive assistance in your native language.

How do I start using the HELP Line app?2021-05-03T17:59:55+03:00

You may download the HELP Line application from the App Store or the Play Store. After the installation, you will need to register in the HELP Line system through your ID. Please allow the app to receive your location data, so that we can find you with one touch when you’re in need for emergency aid.

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